Our Story

Boe Davis is a slow fashion, contemporary clothing brand selling timeless silhouettes in vibrant colors. 

Our founder began this brand with the sole mission of wanting to make higher quality clothes. When we say high quality clothing we mean both in composition and construction. Our first goal is to make clothes with 100% natural fabrics as much as possible. Through research and conversations we've come to learn that some natural fabrics are biodegradable unlike clothing blended with synthetic/polyester fibers. We'll try to focus on using biodegradable natural fabrics as much as possible. Our second goal is high quality garment construction. Over time, details and finishes that used to be common in clothes (like lining) have been taken out of our clothes. Fast fashion has encouraged even high-end luxury brands to cut corners when constructing clothing leaving us all exposed (sometimes literally) to poorly constructed garments.

Boe Davis is using a slow fashion business model, prioritizing locally sourced, produced and sold garments, with fewer styles per collection and fewer releases per year (Hill). Another important detail of slow fashion is sustainability. Sustainable fashion has four key components: ethical manufacturing, sustainable manufacturing, quality and longevity and circular processes (Besma). Boe Davis plans on using the slow fashion business model for the foreseeable future as we see it as the most responsible way to begin our journey and create a community. 

Please join our mailing list and follow us on social media. We'll be educating our community on ways they can style their Boe Davis wardrobe as well as providing education to help them become more informed consumers.